How We Made Automated Trading Systems Affordable

Keeping them affordable

When I first thought of selling automated trading systems, I looked around to get a feel of how much a typical trading system was selling. If we were to filter out the good systems, the cheaper ones costs at least a few hundred dollars, and established systems with one year’s worth of track record will go into the thousands. It sounded pretty costly to me, and we wanted to make them more accessible to all traders.

Launching them at a low price

We thought, why not we launch the automated trading systems starting at a low price first, so that it is more affordable to the early adopters and those who are wants to run their own tests on their preferred brokers (which takes time anyway). At the same time, we will also run our own tests and show them online. As time passes, the price of each trading system will go up by a small amount. Thus those who chose to wait for more test results can do so and purchase the systems at a later date at an increased price. And of course, those who hears about them later, will have to pay more.

Benefit of Lifetime Licence

Each purchased copy grants you a lifetime licence to use on any number of demo accounts and one live MT4 account. Thus the cost of purchasing one trading system a few months after launch, can also get you two to three trading systems at launch itself. You can then run your own tests on those systems and decide which ones to deploy on your main live account at a later time.

Our end goal is to get you invested in a portfolio of automated trading systems, generating a good stream of income for you.