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We have compiled below a list of answers to most of the issues and questions you may face. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please feel free to scroll right down to the bottom and drop us a message under “EMAIL US”.

I have just purchased an Automated Trading System, what next?
After you have made the purchase, the download link will be shown right on the page itself:

Click on the download link to download the trading system. Alternatively, you can also click on "MY ACCOUNT" found at top menu of any page (scroll all the way up to the top), then click on "DOWNLOADS" to find the download links.

If you are getting the free BeeksFX VPS from IG (min US$7.5k maintained in MT4 account), then just follow their instructions to get it set up.

You can sign up for an IG account here.

Else if you are getting your own VPS, then scroll down to the VPS section below on how to select a good VPS and how to get it running.

- Download the MT4 platform from your broker & install it within your VPS (check with your broker on how to download their MT4 platform if you need help)

- Run your MT4 platform and log in to your demo or live account.

- Click on File -> Open Data Folder, and a file dialog window will pop out.

- Double-click on "MQL4", then double-click on "Experts". This is where the trading systems will need to be in.

- From Step 1 where you have downloaded the trading systems, open up the zip file(s) and copy the .ex4 files over to the above Experts folder.

- Now go back to your MT4 platform and look for the "Navigator" panel on the left-hand side, then scroll down until you see the "Expert Advisors" section. Right-click on it and click "Refresh". You should now see the trading systems (EA) showing up here.

- Open up the chart which the EA is designed for (e.g. GS Alpha 1 is designed for EURUSD H4), making sure that the correct timeframe is selected (e.g. H4 mean the 4-hourly chart)

- Next, drag the EA which you would like to run onto the chart, then click on the "Common" tab on the dialog box that just popped up, and put a tick in the box for "Allow live trading".

- If you wish to change the value of RiskFactor, click on the "Inputs" tab, then double click on the value for RiskFactor to change it (this is a multiplier to the size of the trades, default is a RiskFactor of 1, higher than 1 for more risk, lower than 1 for less risk). Then click OK.

- Next, do one last check to make sure that your chart currency pair and timeframe matches that of the EA at the top left corner.

- Now, click on the "AutoTrading" button and the EA is now activated.

- To make sure that it is running correctly, look at the top right corner of the chart, you should be seeing a smiley emoticon. If you are seeing a sad emoticon, it means that it is not activated properly, thus you will need to double-check on the steps above.

How do I select a good VPS & Setting up the VPS
Please refer to our youtube video on how to select a good VPS:

YouTube Video - VPS Selection for MT4

We are currently using both BeeksFX and tradingFXVPS, you can sign up for a tradingFXVPS here: Click here

Please refer to our youtube video on how to select a good VPS:

YouTube Video - Running VPS for the first time

Tricks to keeping your EAs running 24/7